Corporate Culture

A remarkable enterprise,however,certainly has the outstanding culture,and no doubt the outstanding enterprise culture is helpful to creat a successful enterprise.

1. People Oriented

As to developing company, we regard the talented person for the most capital resources, its responsibility is not only manufacture productbut also make services to the society group and accomplish the staff’s dream. The company makes effort to satisfy each reasonable request for staff; helps them to realize individual occupation plan; does the practical work, gives them the actual benefit、the stage and the future. Of course we will pay attention to staff’s health and safety.

2. Unity cooperation

Company’s development cannot be far from a unity cooperation and closely related team, because “a cooperated、sole and enterprising” team no matter encounters how difficulties , also will gain the victory. And each working procedure’s completion is the result of each department’s joining effort and the unity cooperation.

3. Continually improvement

As the saying goes: “It is difficult for starting the career, but safeguarding is more difficult” The leader in Shenzhen Creative Co. Ltd fully understand that the continually improvement is the intrinsic driving for the company. So they had done many measures to perfect enterprise.For one hand, through the rationalization proposaland incentive system, let all staff to participate; give suggestions to company’s management; On the other hand, establishes the special continually improvement department, whose function verifies the rationalization proposal, as well as advancement and inspect the new management reforming.

4. Quality First

The quality is the enterprise’s livelihood weapon! We fully make perfect in each stage and link of the production process; strengthen the quality; try our best to coordinate the quality, structure, speed, benefit; promote the company to a good 、quick、 developing way.

5. Highly effective innovation

Since the foundation, Shenzhen Creative Co. Ltd has formed the uniquecompany culture by theory 、technological、cultural innovation and system innovation, During the advancement, we make great effort to structure effective product innovation mechanism,effectively guardingrisk mechanism and safe reliable operational mechanism.

Service Consciousness: 100% achievement of clients’ demand ,But the clients don’t request we have thought , also 100% achievement done, So they are content from the deeply heart in such service!


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